UX designer

With an empathic approach, I create experiences that tailor user's needs and constraints.

Research / Personas / User flows / Information Architecture / Prototyping / Usability testing / A/B testing / InVision

UI designer

I can create all the necessary graphics and style guides to support a delightful experience, reinforcing a brand.

Illustrator / Photoshop / Sketch

Front-end developer

I can develop functional responsive interfaces ensuring cross-browser support, accessibility compliance and best coding practices.

HTML / CSS / Javascript


Momentum Plus Savings Account, product page and application flow

A revolutionary savings account that allows the customers to earn premium+regular interest within one account.

Case study

Multi-product app

Customers can save time by applying up to 2 products in a combination of banking accounts and credit cards in one single application increasing the cross-sell potential to the bank.

Case study

Banking accounts recommendations

A customized section for customers with no banking accounts, allowed the possibility to filter and get quick recommendations based on personal preferences increasing the conversion rate

Case study

Mentoring platform

A platform that helps to connect people in need for advice with potential experts or mentors.

Case study